our patented silver polymer complex

This innovative bio active complex is a balanced concentration of active ingredients and is intended to revitalise the skin and promote a firmer, younger looking complexion.

The revitalising effect is three fold:

Provides all round protection for tired and dull skin

Smooths micro-wrinkles and provides a Bio-structure for the regeneration of surface skin cells.

Supplies elasticity and moisture to the skin

The patented technology incorporates a technique whereby silver in the atomic form is bonded directly to a glucosamine polymer chain.

This produces a glucosamine polymer film with a layer of silver literally a single atom thick, which helps prevent bacterial skin infections and creates a protective barrier on the skin. It leaves the skin brighter from the very first application, and heightens the effect of other creams and cosmetics when used beforehand.

The serum is designed and formulated to naturally accelerate the skin renewal process. It provides the damaged skin cells with a structure upon which new skin cells can grow onto and form healthy, regenerated skin.

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